Magic Valley Bassmasters March 2012 Meeting

Scyler open the meeting at 7:00 at Idaho Joes.

The Dave Withers tournament went over very well; we were able to raise $540 for the scholarship fund. Thanks to everyone that helped out with the BBQ and brought an item, Shane did a very good job cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs. The big winner was Steve Vining with a 17" Largemouth. With the amount that is in the Dave Withers account as of now we will be able to do one $500 scholarship fund for 2012.

Federation news:
-the banquet had a good turnout there were 105 people that attended. It was good to see so many from the Magic Valley area. They were able to raise $6000 that will be used for the youth and conservation fund.
-The Western Divisional will be held May 9th, 10th and 11th at CJ Strike going out on the Air Force ramp. The Federation is looking for anyone that would be able to help at the divisional at blast off and weigh-in on any or all three of the competition days.
-On May 12th the federation will be hosting the Idaho High School Championships any Jr that is interested needs too contact Bruce Flesher or Brian Ashton for more information, I also believe that information can be found at under youth, In addition to the High School event they will be holding a Military appreciation tournament at the same time, any one that would like to take a military person fishing should call Bruce Flesher. A clarification has been made on the fill-in anglers in the State Qualifiers; any fill in angler has to be a member in good standing with the TBF 30 days prior to the tournament that they intend on fishing, just like the anglers that would be contending for a spot on the state team.
-The State Federation is being asked to find a way to fill in the empty 15-18 year old spot for the National Youth Champion, so in order to do so it has been decided to have a drawing for the position. The state will hold an open registration from March 16th to April 16th and the Jr. will be drawn out of the group entered. If you have Jr. that would be interested please call Scyler and he will get them registered and entered. The Championship will be held in Gainesville Georgia on August 9-12, 2012.
-The repairs on the Federation release boat was done on March 10th, thank you for everyone that came out and helped. A special thanks to Woody, Kevin O., Brandon, Larry L. for the wood used to replace the entire floor, without your donation this would not have turned out to be the great looking boat that we can all use and be proud of, (it would have been more like a Band-Aid).

The first tournament of the year will be March 24th at CJ Strike going out of Black Sands. We were supposed to be using the Bass Hunters permit but Theresa from Idaho Fish & Game sent us the permit. Scyler had made arrangements to get the tournament permit transferred into Bass Hunters name but Larry Burton said just leave it in our club’s name and we will be pulling our sponsor trailer and doing the weigh in for this tournament. For the boaters, I'm needing your insurance forms to be able to fish the tournament, remember the rule states; no current 2012 insurance form before the tournament you will not be able to fish. Even for some of those that gave me a form later in the year saying it does not expire until the following next year that would be 2012, I still need a current one on file for the year 2012. So far I have received only 4 insurance forms for this year.

Our open is coming up on May 9 at Milner. Kerry will be getting the flyers and application forms ready for us. Thank you again for CSR and Barger Matson being the major sponsors for our Open, it is greatly appreciated. We will be going over the open more next month but please start gathering the raffle items so we can have another good raffle turnout.

If anybody has any old plastics Howard’s fishing tackle is doing kids fishing events and he uses them and gives out a bag for each kid.

We voted a former angler back into our club: Nick Banyai, welcome back into the club and have a great 2012 fishing year.

Scyler closed the meeting at eight o'clock.

See everyone at CJ Strike and don't forget those insurance papers.