Magic Valley Bassmasters July 2012 Meeting

Scyler open the meeting at 7:05 at Idaho Joes; thank you for the ones that attended.

Federations News:
-Still discussing that there would be no insurance offered if any club was to have a night tournament due to safety issues.
-For those who would like to join in on the federation meeting but are not able to drive they are putting in a new phone system that should work a lot better. Contact Scyler and he can give you the number. It is every 3rd Thursday of the month starting at 7:00.
-The 2 winners for Divisional were Jason Hickey and Keegan Graves. They will be representing Idaho at the national championship.
-Bruce is stepping down as the Federation president, so we are looking for a new president. If you have any ideas for anyone let Scyler know and he will take it to a meeting.

Our last tournament at Anderson Ranch we had 11 boats. Scyler called Teresa to talk about the issue of 2 different clubs on the water and she said she overlooked it and had issued 2 permits for that same day. Congratulations to the winners:

Scyler is working with Steve Day to get the web page updated with new pictures, information, etc. The points are updated, if anyone sees any errors please contact Scyler.

The Qualifier winners are Boyd and Brandon. Congratulations to both. They will represent us well.

Thank you to the Azevedos for pulling their boat in the 4th of July parade, they had allot of comments on their boat. We pulled the bass trailer. The trailer was parked at Avid for a few days to say thank you for their sponsorship and to get more advertisement for our club.

Scyler had a meeting with Monty about the Wounded Warriors tournament and will have more information at the next meeting.

Brad is looking for a major sponsor ($2,500.00) for his OPEN, Mystic Oil backed out this year. So please if anyone knows of someone that would like to help he would appreciate it. The tournament will be held September 8th this year. He will sending out the entry form soon, so be watching for yours.

Our next tournament is Sunday July 29th at Lake Walcott.

Scyler closed the meeting at 7:40

See everyone Sunday.....