Magic Valley Bassmasters November 2011 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:00 at Idaho Joes.

Congratulations to the Snow Bowl team: Vern, Steve, Cody, Shane, Steve, Kevin, Shawn, Kurt, Mark & Brett for bringing the trophy home again; it is called a "Three Peat". Cody won big small mouth with 5.83 lbs. The weights were MVB-40.00#, SRB-25.63#, BBB-21.38#, IBH-10.28#, Mini-Cassia-9.39#, IBM-5.91, Payette-0#.

The Banquet is December 4th at Blue Lakes Country Club again. Cocktails will start at 5:00 and dinner at 6:00. The price will be $15.00 per person and the club will pick up the rest. Please bring raffle items if you are able too. The club will go to Brad’s and pick up a few raffle items. You will be able to pay your club dues at this time if you are able to.
PLEASE R.S.V.P. by November 28th with Scyler at 539-1346 after 6:00pm or by email.

The Lake Walcott wildlife meeting was held and thanks you to those that went. You can respond to: and include "Minidoka NWR CCP" in the subject line. We encourage everyone to write a letter on what they would like to see happen at Lake Walcott as far as opening the upper part for limited access such as Electric Motors only and things like that. We have until November 30th to send in our Ideas.

Officers for 2012 was passed. Scyler: Pres., Vern: V.P., Jeanne: S/T, Dale T.: P.R., Tournament Directors: Shane, Butch, Pat & Victor.

The 2012 Fishing Tournaments Dates are:
-February 25th at Bell Rapids for the Dave Withers Big Bass Derby
-March 24th at C.J. Strike
-April 21st & 22nd @ Brownlee
-May 19th at Milner for our OPEN
-June 9th at Hagerman for Free Fishing Day
-June 23rd at Anderson Ranch
-July 29th at Lake Walcott
-August 18th & 19 th at Massacres Rocks (the second day Draw)
-September 8th at Milner for Dry Creek Open
-September 15th at C.J. Strike for Wounded Warriors
-September 23rd at C.J. Strike for Scales of Justice
-King of the water is August 4th at Milner for Bass and August 5th at Salmon Dam for Walleye. More Information will come later. If you need more information sooner, contact Kurt Campbell.

The club voted in Julie Taylor, Dale’s wife. Welcome to the club and have a great time.

The meeting was closed at 8:15.

See everyone at the banquet.