Magic Valley Bassmasters June 2010 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:00.

Thank You to everyone that helped out at the OPEN. It went very smooth. The club profited about $600.00 off the tournament after the expenses were taken out. Congratulations to the winners:

Federation News:
-Release boat; Fish & Game has asked The Idaho Bass Federation to accept responsibility for the release boat including registration and maintenance. Bruce will research insurance and ownership issues and report back. The TIBF Banquet ticket prices will be $45.00 per person. FLW & TIBF dues can be paid voluntarily with raffle tickets awarded for advance payment of dues. Some suggestions for guest speakers are: Cal Groen from Fish & Game, Thomas Woolf from Idaho Invasive Species Manager, and/or other professional fisherman including Brett Hite, Brent Ehler, Brian Travis, Brandon Palinuik, Boyd Duckett, Jay Yelas. Bruce will continue to research means for covering cost of speaker expense. The date for this is November 20th at Hilton Garden Inn, Boise. The TIBF Youth Championship was held on June 19th at Brownlee and the older age group winner was Asa Schneidermann and the younger age group winner was Alex Schneidermann. Congratulations to both of them, they have always represented our club well.

Our last tournament was held at Lake Walcott on June 13th. It was a bit cool in the morning but warmed up by late afternoon. We had 21 boats and the winners were:

Free Fishing Day was on June 12th, we held an Reel Casting Event at Hagerman. We had a good amount of kids that participated. The winner for the older age group was Austin DeWolfe and the younger age group winner was Ryley Moffitt. They both were excited to win the trophies. Thanks to Kerry K. they only cost the club $10.00 for new event tags. Thanks for all the help that came down for this event; Kerry K., Dale Jarrell, Pat Callen and the 2 of us. It would of been easier to do the Casting Event with a lot more help. This was the only Casting Event we are doing for this year, it was not good to see all the kids rushed through.

Our next tournament will be held July 10th at American Falls. Monday July 5 will NOT be off limits due to our rule that the Monday falls on an observed holiday.

The annual 4th of July parade and Jarrell bbq will be held Saturday, July 3rd in Buhl. We will have the trailer and 1 bass boat in the parade. If anyone would like to come out to Dale & Cheryl's house after, it is always a blast with great food and conversation. Need anymore information, contact Dale.

We awarded the $500.00 Dave Withers Scholarship for Buhl High School to George Thornborrow; he is majoring in Animal Biology and attending U of I in Moscow. The Dave Withers Scholarship Fund will be giving another $500.00 to Sam Chavez when he sends a receipt from the college he is attending.

We will be adding a new sponsor to the trailer and that is Rev-nrg, it is a Brazilian rainforest energy drink. Cheryl Jarrell is selling the product. Thank you Cheryl. If anyone needs more information on this product give her a call.

Dave Keever is doing much better and is out of the hospital. The information that Scyler received was that he was getting to much Coumadin (blood thinner).

Scyler closed the meeting at 7:45.

See you on the 3rd or at American Falls.