Magic Valley Bassmasters January 2010 Meeting

Scyler opened the meeting at 7:05 at Idaho Joes. We had a very good turnout on members.

The Federation Banquet that was held in November it was very nice, they had about 85 people attend. The raffle items, food and guest speakers were very good. The Federation was able to turn a profit for the first time in many years. All the proceeds will be put in the youth and conservation fund.

Our Banquet was awesome this year. Thanks to Steve & Kevin for getting us into Blue Lakes Country Club. Everyone loved the food and the atmosphere. We had a very nice raffle and a very good turnout. Thanks to Kerry for donating a rod that went up for bidding. Thanks to Vern & Steve for buying the rod. It was great to see everyone at the banquet. A lot of the members are already talking about having the 2010 banquet there again. Hopefully we will be able to.

We sent around the thank you picture card from the Paulsen's. They all doing well, the girls did better than Starla. Unfortunately she has been in and out of the hospital, but is feeling a little better each day. We wish her and the family best wishes for a healthy 2010 and stay out of the hospital.

Ron Helsley past away in December. The club sent flowers for his funeral.

We have a tournament date and place change. Instead of going to Owyhee on July 10th & 11th we will be going to American Falls on July 10th. The change was due to a date conflict and price increases in Oregon.

Rules that will be changed, added or enforced this year:
-Cell phones are only to be used as an emergency, not as an advantage.
-Drop tournament points will go back to 1.
-If you do not have an insurance form on file or do not bring one on the day of the tournament you will NOT be able to fish.

Here are a few up coming events:
-The Dave Withers tournament will be February 27th. Their will be a BBQ after the tournament is over.
-February 6th & 7th, Western Marine is having their open house.
-March 4th-7th, Boise Boat Show

Mini Cassia applied for the Lake Walcott permit so we did not have to pay the $100.00 fee. They helped out with a special event there so the fish and wildlife manager waived the permit fee. Thanks Again....

Don't forget to get your dues paid for, they are $75.00 and that includes the $40.00 club dues and $35.00 FLW dues. If you fish another club and that is your "mother" club you only need to pay the $17.00 club dues. And don't forget your insurance forms!!!!!!!!!

We have the sponsorship invoices done. If you would like me to mail them to you let me know or we will have them for you at the February meeting.

Last but not least, when we were having out meeting Wednesday night, Shane & Julie where at the hospital. They had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Sierra, she weighed 7#'s 2oz's and 20"s long. Best wishes for the Riddle family and Congratulations....

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:05.