Magic Valley Bassmasters February 2010 Meeting

Scyler opened the meeting at 7:00.

The Sponsorship invoices are being handed out and mailed. We are in need of a new OPEN sponsor for our tournament and we still have some room on the trailer for $250.00 sponsor spots. If anyone is interested in helping out with the open added money and or a spot on the trailer let Scyler know.

If you went to the Federation Banquet your TBF membership was paid with the purchase of the dinner ticket, but your FLW dues were not included. So we need to collect the $35.00 for the FLW membership that was paid in when the Federation sent in your dues. The Federation is asking for the club to collect the difference as soon as possible. If you have any questions, contact Scyler. The East qualifier tournament dates are May 8th and 9th at C.J. Strike and June 26th at Walcott and June 27th at American Falls. The club voted on having the 2010 Federation Banquet in Boise again.

The Dave Wither’s derby will be February 27th at Lower Salmon Park in Hagerman. The minimum donation is $10.00; we will start taking the donations around 8:30-9:00. This tournament is based on the honor system; all 3 clubs will be participating. We will have a BBQ that will start around 12:30; the clubs will provide the main course with pot luck on all the other items. Please bring a covered dish, chips, dips, desserts, ect... The money that is collected will go to 2 students from Buhl High School for a $500.00 Scholarship fund on Dave's behalf.

Avid Sportsman in Buhl will start carrying an assortment of Brad's baits. So if anyone is going through Buhl and is in need of any baits, hunting supplies or a good cup of coffee make sure and stop in.

All of our tournaments were approved with only one conflict; we will be sharing the September C.J. Strike permit with IBA. They have agreed that we will launch together using odd numbers for one club and even numbers for the other club.

The club has agreed to hold a Casting Kids event when we have the Free Fishing day at Hagerman. So we will need all the members to help out, not only just the 5-6 members that are always there. We also discussed bring any of your plastic baits that you are not wanting and we will put them in bags and hand them out to the kids that participate. You can bring them to meetings or at the tournaments.

We had some new members voted on and passed: Chris Callen, Brett Rue, Tom Schiermeier and Jake?.

Don’t forget to pay your dues and bring your insurance papers.

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:20.