Magic Valley Bassmasters April 2010 Meeting

Scyler opened the meeting at 7:10 at Idaho Joes.

Federation news:
-The Federation has purchased a sample kit from Solar Bat sun glasses. Each club will get to present these glasses to their members and we will be able to purchase them for about $15.00 per pair. The federation banquet will be in Boise again this year.

Congratulations to the C.J. Strike winners:

Our next tournament will be April 17th & 18th at Brownlee Woodhead. The Bass Hunters are also joining us, we will have $300.00 added money and they will be doing the same. This is a 2 day 1 pay tournament and the entry fee is $45.00 per person with the extra $5.00 going towards the 2nd day big fish. The 2nd day weigh in will be at 2:00. We will also be having a BBQ Saturday night, the club decided on having hamburgers and brats. This is a pot luck so please bring a side dish, chips or a dessert. Kevin will be pulling the trailer to Brownlee.

Scyler passed out the entry form for the OPEN and I will get them mailed out to the past anglers form the last 2 years. Kevin Osborn has stepped up to the plate and is sponsoring the $1,500.00 added money for the OPEN. Thank you very much for helping out the club. We will have the lights again for the parking lot, inspections and the blast off. Scyler will get a hold of Jay and check with him about the hog feed and using the lawn again. Don't forget to get some raffle items together so we are able to have a get raffle.

We still have 3 spots on the trailer for sponsorships. Bill Millenkamp will be getting his logo put on the trailer, thanks Bill.

We voted in 2 new members: Kenny Stevens and John Rowles. They are also in the Walleye Club. Good luck and have fun.

Scyler went over some of the club rules; if someone is broke down and their banner is turned to red you must stop and offer some help. If it is close to weigh in time 1 person in the broken down boat can transfer fish and has to accompany their fish to weigh in, and the other angler will stay with the boat and we will get help to them as soon as possible. If you have been helped and/or are able to get back to the dock turn your banner back over. Failure to stop and offer help to someone will result in a disqualification. If you are having boat issue at time of blast off, let someone know that they can go ahead and start the blast off. When it is time for weigh in there will only be a few bags out at a time. They will be laying on the trailers floor out of the heat. Why we limit the bag quantity is for the fish, this way they will not suffer in the heat. The number you draw for blast off is also used for the release boats; so if you are numbers between 1-5 you are one of the release boats. We will know at the draw how many boats that we will need. And if it is a two day tournament, we rotate numbers so the last boat of the first day goes out first the second day, so those boats would be release boats. If you are a release boat and you are broken down, you need to tell the next boat number that they need to be the next release boat.

We received the Dave Withers scholarship applications from Buhl, their are 2 applications that would possible qualify. Debbie Chavez, Sam's mother contacted Scyler and wanted to know if one of the scholarships could be given to Sam. Sam has been in the Jr. club a few past years in the Bass Hunters Club. The club decided to have Sam turn in a application and we would see where is GPA was and go from there.

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:00.

See everyone at Brownlee...