Magic Valley Bassmasters May 2009 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:00.

We still have 3 open spots on the trailer. Mason's Trophies approached us about the trailer and will be a new sponsor for this year. With Sportsman's Warehouse off, we where able to put Dry Creek Outfitters logo on half of the front of the trailer for everything that Brad does for this club.

Federation news; with Shane Riddle buying the Ranger boat they were able to bank $9,000.00 for the account. The youth $1,000.00; Conservation $1,000.00; Survivor Fund $250.00. The Survivor fund will be retained and rolled over annually. The Youth championship will be held at Harrison Park, Coeur D Alene June 20-21 2009. You can start saving your old fishing line for recycling, some locations are Cabelas, Sportsman Warehouse, Howard's Tackle, Tristate Marine and Western Marine or bring it to our meetings or drop it off at the weigh trailer before or after a tournament. The 2009 Federation Banquet will be held on November 21, the tentative location is the Holiday Inn-Airport in Boise; more information will come available later in the year.

Thank you to the members that came out and helped with the CSI expo event. The casting kids event went well on Saturday, but Friday we didn't have any kids and Sunday was slow. We handed out the brochure about the club and hopefully we will get some new members. Brad also wanted to thank everyone for helping him out with the set up and tear down.

We will be tagging the Bass before being release at our open, Doug came to our house and showed Scyler how to tag them and what else that needs to be done. So we will be needing some extra help at the release boat this year. Jay will be holding the Hog Feed this year again; all he is requesting this year is that people BUY beer from him not bring a cooler. He will be set up on the lawn just like last year. Scyler and Butch will be doing the PARKING, Vern, Steve, Dale and Nate will be doing the LIVE WELL CHECK and Dale and Shawn will be doing the LINE CHALK for parking. We will also need ALL the tournament directors at the weigh in; Butch, Steve, Kevin, and Ron. Scyler, Larry, Hunter and Brenda will be helping with the check in point and at the release boat. Scyler and I will be at Riverside Friday about 1:00 to get started on setting up the tents and all the other fun stuff for this great tournament. If anyone can help, we are always grateful.

The information that some of you guys have received in the mail about the invasive species is REAL and you need to purchase the sticker. You can only purchase it through the mail or on line . Don't forget if you get a ticket for not having it, you will get disqualified from the tournament you are fishing in.

The letter that Dale and Cheryl drafted for us was great, but do to the recommendation of Dale Taylor's lawyer we did not submit it into the paper. Sherry from BOR is still wanting boats from the area to help out. If you feel this is something you would like to do, Scyler can get you more information on this event. She said each person will be signing an waiver form and having an officer doing boat inspections.

Tom and Heather would like to thank Dale, Nate, Pat, Shawn and Kevin O. for sharing information and helping them out at the C.J. Strike tournament. This was the first tournament fishing event and was very happy that other anglers are willing to help out new anglers.

Congratulations to the winners at the C.J. tournament:

We voted in 2 past members Steve Stephens and Nick Banyai and 1 new member that took big fish at C.J.; John Hundley. Welcome back Steve and Nick and welcome into our club John.

If you have a jr member wanting to fish you can bring them and fish 3 in a boat with them catching their limit and weighing them in and competing against other jr fisherman. The entry fee will be possible $5.00 that will pay for medallions. NO money payouts for winning are able to be done but the extra money will go into a fund for an end of year event for them.

THANK YOU for the beautiful roses I received for Secretary week; it is very thoughtful and caring whomever is doing this for me. It means allot to me that the club thinks of me during that week.

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:20.