Magic Valley Bassmasters February 2009 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:00.

We have had 2 trailer sponsorships paid so far, they are H Vac and Southern Idaho Freightliner.

Bruce Flesher, with the Federation is trying to find a way to raise money to help fund to the State Team and other State Federation functions.

Dave Withers Derby is on February 28th at Lower Salmon. Scyler called Rusty and ordered the hamburgers and will pick them up on the 26th when he goes up for the Federation meeting. Everyone that is planning on attending please bring a side dish, dessert, etc. Don't forget this is our fund raiser for the scholarships in Dave's name. Scyler will try to be down there to collect donations about 8:00am and lunch should be served around 12:00.

Our first tournament is on March 21 and 22 at Brownlee. Kevin & Steve will pull the trailer with all the weigh in and bbq items. The club voted on having ribs this year, so please bring a side dish, dessert, etc. We will be launching after the IBM club.

We went over the rule changes that were brought up at the last meeting. The rules that were changed were 5.1 a; 5.2; 5.14; and 5.16, all were voted on and passed. The new rules will be handed out at the Brownlee tournament. Please get your dues paid and bring me your insurance papers. If our club has the permit for a tournament like Brads' open, you can not put on file for the insurance information. This is Brad's tournament not ours, so I will not bring all our clubs insurance papers so if there is a accident you must have all the information put on the entry forms.

Dale Jarrells' wife Cheryl was in a major car accident coming home from Utah and was hit head on with another car. The driver of the other car went over into the on coming traffic and hit the car Cheryl was in. All four ladies came out alive. Cheryl had surgery and is recovering well. We wish her a speedy recovery and are blessed that she is still with us. One of the Boise area club member was not as fortunate, Cody Lohr was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown out and was killed. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

We voted in 3 new members Roger Stringer, Jack Brooks, and Patsy Ewing; welcome to the club and we look forward to seeing you at club events.

One of our tournament dates overlapped another club on April 25th at C.J. Strike, we discussed joining with that club and sharing the water or changing the location to another reservoir such as Anderson Ranch; after a close vote the club will be fishing C.J. Strike along with IBM. Scyler will discuss the launch situation with them to find a fair compromise.

The Outdoor Sports Show will be held on March 5th-8th at Boise Fairgrounds. We are needing volunteers to come and help out at the Federation booth and the Reel Kids Casting competition. Saturday the 7th in the evening, let Scyler know if you are able to help out and he will make arrangements with Bruce.

Scyler informed the members that the clubs laptop had a major crash and everything that was on it is lost. We voted to purchase a new one and this is the first attempt at a newsletter on it. Scyler has been able to down load the clubs web site to the new laptop and is trying to figure out how to run it with the different software that works with VISTA.

Western Marine held an Open House on February 7th & 8th, hopefully some of our members were able to make it there and check it out. Terry has sponsored our club for the past 10 years that we as a club show him some support at his open houses and other events. If you stop in there, please let him know that we do appreciate his support and mention that you are a member of the Magic Valley Bass Masters.

Denton Crofts came to the meeting and shared with us the plans that Superior Bass has in store for the coming year. They are going to do away with the present draw format and replace it with a team format, that means you will fish with the person you bring (no draw). The team entry will be $200 without options and $400 with options and paying 1 in 6 entry's. If any one is interested please contact Terry or Denton at Western Marine or check it out on their web site .

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:10, see everyone at Dave Withers Derby.

Don't forget your dues and insurance papers for Brownlee.