Magic Valley Bassmasters May 2008 Meeting

Scyler opened the meeting at 7:05.

A very nice thank you to who or whom are responsible for sending the flowers for secretary's day from the club, they were beautiful!!

The OPEN will be THIS WEEKEND!!! Some of the members will start showing up around Friday at 1:00 to help set up all the tents and all other stuff. Jay is still having the pig feed, it will just be down on the lawn under the tents. The bar will be serving either inside the bar or he will set up for drinks at the end of the tents, what ever works out better for him and his staff. Scyler will contact Jay this week and find out if he had some tables and chairs lined out or if we need to rent some, If anyone has extra tables or chairs to use or knows of someone or a good place to rent some. Don't forget to get your raffle items together, it is our biggest money maker of the year. We will have 2 bathrooms delivered, we were able to get 1 donated so we will only have to pay for 1. We will be buying $200.00 of raffle items from Brad to get the raffle table started. If you are needing an ENTRY FORM, you can get it off the internet on the clubs website ( And don't forget they need to be received or postmarked by WEDNESDAY the 14th. We have not received very many entry forms, so I hope they will start coming in. The pre-tournament meeting will be at 7:30 and the draw at 8:00. If you are on the tournament committee we are asking you to come in early, this means before the first flight comes in. If your partner is not on the committee, they are able to continue fishing until your flight is ready to come in.

The line up for the DUTIES:
-Parking Lot: Scyler, Kevin
-Chalk Lines: Shawn & Brent....Thank you for donating the unit and the chalk
-Live Wells: Dale J. and Dale T.
-Directing Traffic: Steve and Vern
-MC: Brad....Thank you for bringing all your equipment and your time!!!!
-Release Boat: Ron S., Larry & Hunter

It was brought up at the meeting that we are still having problems with alcoholic beverages at the weigh in, the rule states no alcoholic beverages or drugs may be consumed during active tournament hours from launch to weigh in, this includes the weigh in area. See rule 5.14. If you see someone, remind them about the rule, this would be a warning. If the person doesn't discard the beverage and someone else tells them this would be a disqualification for that tournament. So, until the scales are closed , please don't open an alcoholic beverage. If you would like to voice your opinion, we will review all the rules at the January meeting and vote on changes at the Febuary meeting. If you are a new member, please get with Scyler or Jeanne and they will give you the rules. DON'T forget when you are on or off the water, you need to be courteous to non-tournament anglers; we are starting to get complaints again from non-tournament anglers about our boats cutting people off.

Free Fishing Day will be held on June 7th at Hagerman fish hatchery and June 28th is the Filer Fun Days; we will have more information at the next meeting.

The youth Jr. Championship will be held on Sunday, June 15th, 2008 at Milner. We are still needing help with boats and volunteers.

The club held a casting event at the Sports and Leisure event at CSI, we had a few number of kids at this event. The club participation was very poor. It is hard to represent the club if we have no members show up to help! The trailer had allot of good comments, at least we got good advertisement from the show.

The Ice Fishing Tournament at Bass Lakes is looking good, Steve Paulsen will continue working on this.

Thanks to everyone that was at the Brownlee tournament; we had 16 boats, a great BBQ and good weather. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Dale and Nate for taking pictures and putting them in the news paper.

A Big Thanks to Kevin Osborne for donating a new Bullhorn for us to use at our tournaments.

Hope to see everyone at the OPEN, don't forget to get your entry forms in........