Magic Valley Bassmasters March 2008 Meeting

Scyler opened the meeting at 7:00 at Pandora's.

The club received a $145.00 check from Bill Jackson Memorial fund to be used on the CAST kids event.

The Dave Withers Derby went very well, all the clubs came down to support this great event. The tournament made $937.00 to go towards the scholarships. In the account there should be $300.00 left over from last year that way we should be able to give 2 scholarships again this year. John Lancaster won the big fish at 18" long.

The sports show that was held in Boise went well, we had 7 members that went up and helped out with the casting kids event, they went through about 50 kids in 2 1/2 hours.

The State Championship was canceled on March 8th and will be held in either June or July. The Winners will be fishing for the divisional next year at Flaming Gorge.

We will not be having a big raffle item for the OPEN, at the April meeting we will go over the tournament and get stuff finalized.

Free Fishing Day will be held on June 7th, we will have some girl scouts from Shoshone, they will need help to show them how to fish. On June 15th will be the State Jr. Championship in Burley we still need some more boats to come help out. The club will try to hold a castings kids event at the Filer Fun Days June 28, we will have more information on this event at a later date.

The yahoo page is linked from the club page, you will need to create a user account to be able to use it. It is under yahoo groups and the address is You can get on and view all the pictures that Nate & Dale are taking of the club events. Casting for kids web site is and Brads web site is Scyler will get these linked from the clubs web site.

It was brought up to think about have a Ice Fishing tournament with some kids in the winter at Bass Lake which is at Blue Lake Country Club. And also possible adopting a family in need at Christmas time. Please let the club know how you feel about these events.

The club voted on and passed to have the laptop fixed and buying another disc for the camera and to move back to Idaho Joe's for our meetings.

We had a past member come back to this area and wanting to be part of our club again, his name is Mark VanElderen. The club voted him back into the club and we are happy to have him back.

Our next tournament will be March 22nd at C.J. Strike. Don't forget to get your dues paid and you insurance papers turned in our you will not be any to fish the tournament.

See everyone at IDAHO JOE'S for our April meeting.

Scyler closed the meeting ar 7:30