Magic Valley Bassmasters September 2007 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:30, the account balance is $5,979.03.

Asa Schneidermann came and thanked the club for the support and sponsoring him in Arkansas. He was unable to weigh in any fish but had a great time. For the kids that didn't qualify to fish on the 2nd day, the National Guard had shows, lectures and games for them.

Congratulations to the winners from the Massacre Rocks Tournaments for both days.

August 25th, 1st day winners:

August 26th, 2nd day draw winners:

The Co-Ed tournament will be this Sunday September 9th at Milner. Phil Mai will be at the River Side between 6:00 and 6:30 and try to blast off at 7:00. After the weigh in the clubs will order pizza for everyone.

The Scales of Justice tournament will be Sunday September 16th at C.J. Strike. They are still needing boats, if any one would like to help let Scyler know.

Brads Open tournament is Saturday September 22th at the Burley Golf Course. Please send in your entry fee and forms to Brad ASAP. The limit is 63 boats. If you stay at the Burley Inn or Budget Inn and mention Brads' tournament, you will receive drink tickets. Friday night September 21st is the pre-meeting and draw, Brad is sponsoring the Taco Bar and you will be able to view the tackle for the tournament. After the weigh in Brad is having the awards banquet, door prizes and pay outs to the winners. If the anglers would like to bring their spouses or girlfriends the charge for the meal is between $17.00 & $20.00.

Scyler and Dave K. went to the C.A.S.T. in Black Canyon, it was a great turnout. They had 34 kids and 43 boats.

The C.J. Strike 2 day tournament is September 29th and 30th. It will be 1 pay out with 2 day combined weight. All three clubs are fishing together. Kerry and Roger will be fishing together Saturday until 12:00, at this time Roger will be leaving to go to his daughter's wedding. The BBQ will be Saturday after the weigh in at the park below the Dam on the west side. The 3 clubs will go together on the expense of the main course, hamburgers, brats and hot dogs, please bring a side dish and your lawn chairs........

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:40