Magic Valley Bassmasters October 2007 Meeting

Scyler opened the meeting at 7:30, the account balance is $5,794.42.

Brad's tournament had 43 boats, it was a very fun and exciting tournament. The taco bar, banquet, goodie bag and tackle box was what each fisherman received with the entry fee. Thanks to all the committee members for all the great help to be able to pull off a great tournament. This tournament paid down 20 plus places. Brad looks forward to making it even bigger next year.

The federation banquet will be November 17th at Western Marine, 5:00 social hour and 6:00-6:30 dinner. The price is $20.00 for advance ticket and $25.00 at the door. Congratulations to the State Team winners, they are Denton Crofts, Doug Crofts and Brandon Craner. The Scales of Justice tournament was a good tournament with a good turnout of fisherman.

Congratulations to the C.J. Strike winners:

The Snow Bowl team is: Vern & Steve V., Steve P. & Kevin, Scyler & Ron, Pat & Ron, Dale T. & Butch. It will be November 3rd at C.J. Strike.

The club will get raffle items again from Brads for the end of the year banquet. The menu will be Prime Rib and some kind of Chicken. More information will be available the closer we get.

Nominations for 2008 Officers are:
-Pres. Scyler , Kevin O. and Pat
-Vice Pres. Vern, Ron H. and Steve P.
-Sec/Tres. Jeanne
-T. Directors: Butch, Shawn, Ron. S., Pat, Ron H., Dale T.
-P.R. Nathan and Victor

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:20