Magic Valley Bassmasters May 2007 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:35, the account balance is $5,741.36.

The OPEN was the main topic, Tina Luper will be helping us again with the computer and I will be doing the weigh slips. Butch will be handling the camera, please help him by getting your pictures with all of your large limits. We still need help with the release boat. The people that volunteered please don't forget, and the ones that are standing around if someone needs help, please help. If everyone pitches in it will go very smooth. Scyler will be at the River Side Friday afternoon around 2:00 or so. We will be doing the boat lane markers, putting up the tent, banners, block off zone and all the rest of set up. Don't forget to bring your raffle items. The pre tournament meeting and draw will be at 7:30 at the River Side.

We will be removing Pioneer Floors and Excad from the trailer and will be adding National Guard and a smaller Pioneer Floors logo. We still will have 3 more spots open across the top. Contact Scyler if anyone needs more information on a spot.

The Junior Kids Championship will be Sunday May 20th, the day after our OPEN. If anyone would like to stay and help it would be greatly appreciated. There should be around 12-16 kids. The age groups will be 11-14 and 15-18.

Pat and Scyler both got 3rd place in the Club Championship tournament.

The winner from the C.J Strike tournament were:

We are still working on the Dave Withers Scholarship, Cliff, Kelly and Terry are reviewing the applications.

Thank you for the Secretary Day flowers, they were very beautiful and thoughtful, thanks again everyone.

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:15.