Magic Valley Bassmasters April 2007 Meeting

Scyler brought the meeting to order at 7:35, the account balance is $5,806.61.

The club is still looking to find a sponsor for the Open tournament. The sponsorship is $1,500.00.

Kerry has done the flyers and posters for us. Thanks Kerry for doing this every year. The flyers are mailed out and Scyler will be adding the entry forms and info to the web page so that our members can print them and save us the postage.

The Open tournament will be held at the Riverside this year. Scyler asked for help and these are some of the people that are helping...
-Parking: Terry, Kelly & Scyler
-Live Well check: Dale J.
-Blast Off: Chris
-Safety Check: Lou
-Boat launching; Ron S.
-We need to start getting raffle items together. Jay will be having the Hog feed again this year.

Congratulations to the winners from the Brownlee tournament:

The Fish and Wildlife is charging $100.00 permit fee to fish Lake Walcott. The club voted on and was passed that we cancel the tournament at Lake Walcott and change to tournament to Anderson Ranch.

The West End Men's Association is having a fun raiser the help fund a new police dog for Buhl police department. The club voted on donated $100.00 in raffle tickets, when we needed help getting CAST started they helped us out.

The Club State Championship is April 21st at Milner, boater is Pat and the non boater is Scyler. Good luck to both of you, the weigh-in is at 3:00 at the Riverside.

It was brought up that if you are a tournament director and you see something going on, you need to do your job at that time. And a request was made to start using weigh slips for each tournament. We still have some left, we can use them up and have some new ones made. It was also brought up and discussed on doing away with the voting in of new members, this is something that will need to be addressed at the end of the year when we go over the rules and revise the ByLaws.

The club voted and will give $250.00 to Chris and Brandon for the Divisional.

Our next tournament will be held April 28th at C.J. Strike. The Bass Hunters have the permit and off limits is Midnight the Sunday before.

Scyler closed the meeting at 8:30.