Magic Valley Bassmasters September 2006 Meeting

Dale brought the meeting to order at 7:00, the account balance is $4,126.41. Callen Refrigeration paid $200.00 for the trailer.

The club sent Jesse Helton and family a sympathy card and $50.00 for the loss of his father. We received a thank you card and it was passed around. The club has got to know Jesse from different youth club events and C.A.S.T.

The Federation will have the Tournament scheduling meeting November 2 at 7:00. The location will be at Campbell Tractors in Nampa. If you need any more information, contact Scyler.

We will have an officers meeting October 3rd, 7:00 at S.I.F., we will be going over the tournament rules and bylaws. If anyone wants something changed or a new item discussed, contact Dale. Our next meeting will be on Oct. 4th and we will be going over the rules and bylaws.

Congratulations to the winners of the Massacre Rocks Tournament.

The rule that will be enforced at the next tournament will be BEFORE YOU TURN ON YOUR BOAT KEY, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LIFE JACKET ON AND BUCKLED. If any one is caught with it off or not buckled they will be D.Q.

Vern checked in to the Jerome Country Club for our Christmas banquet, it would be about $25.00 for person, that includes tax, tip and linen fee. We would be able to choose 2 different items. Pat will bring another option at the next meeting.

It is time to start thinking about officers for next year.

Dale closed the meeting at 8:00.