Magic Valley Bassmasters October 2006 Meeting

Dale brought the meeting to order at 7:10, the account balance is $3.905.41.

Dale went over the changes made on the tournament rules and bylaws. We will go over the changes and finalize them at the next meeting.

A motion was made and passed to increase the annual dues to $40.00 a year. Or $17.00 if you belong to another club that is TBF.

We went over the 2007 fishing schedule, these are the fishing areas, the dates will be made later.
-April......Brownlee 2 day tournament with a BBQ
-May.......Milner, the OPEN
-June.......Owhyee 2 day tournament, with 2nd day a draw and a BBQ
-August....Massacure Rocks or Anderson Ranch
-Sept.......C.J. Strike 2 day tournament, with 2nd day a draw and a BBQ

The 2006 end of the year banquet will be December 3rd at Jerome Country Club. The menu will be prime rib, swiss chicken, baked potato, rice and all the other fixings. Cocktails at 5:00 and Dinner at 6:00. Please RSVP by November 25th.

The 2006 Snow Bowl team members are:
Pat & Ron, Scyler & Ron, Vern & Steve, Butch & Donnie, Dale & Shawn
The tournament is November 4th at C.J. Strike.

The 2006 Federation Banquet will be at Jerome Country Club this year. The date is November 18th., if anyone needs more information contact Scyler. He will also have tickets at the next meeting.

The nominations for the 2007 Officers were:
-President: Dale Jarrell and Scyler Hill
-Vice President: Vern Rehn and Dale Jarrell
-Secretary & Treasurer: Jeanne Hill
-Tournament Directors: Ron Scott, Pat Callen, Shawn Crowley, Butch Nolan, Ted Weinand, Jim Woods, Dave Keever

We will vote at the NOVEMBER meeting.

Dale closed the meeting at 8:35