Magic Valley Bassmasters March 2006 Meeting

Dale brought the meeting to order at 7:00, the account balance is $3,730.00.

Dale was able to get $250.00 of the $500.00 dollars that he asked for from D.L. Evans, we will display their banner at the kids functions.

The club voted 8 new members into the club, Wes and Delane Crofts, Jay Gove, Dale and Zachari Taylor, Steve Stephens, Jeff Huber and Kim Greeley. Welcome to the club, good luck and have fun.

Casting Kids event will be May 20th at Buhl High School and another event June 23rd at Filer Fairgrounds. More details as time gets closer.

Our Open will be held at the Burley golf course, no campers will be allowed to stay the night at the golf course. Someone will have the key to open the gate early. We have the Elks patio reserved for the pre-meeting the night before and the raffle and BBQ after the tournament. Dale was able to get Steve Soran from Depot Grill to cater the BBQ, the cost will be $8.50 per meal if not fishing in the tournament. The meal will be included in the entry fee for the anglers. The menu will be BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Baked Beans, Salads, Rolls, Fruit, Veggies and Apple Pie. We need to find anyone that has connections for drinks, if anyone can help contact Dale. Dale and Kerry will get the flyers and entry forms done soon. There will be a deadline for mailing the entry forms and entries taken after Wednesday will have a late fee added.

We are needing to have all the members get their Proof of Insurance in to us by the first tournament.

The club voted to go FLW starting right away, therefore, you will need to have a membership number by April 1st. If you go to FLW web site you can use FEDERATION for the promotional code to receive the discount, the cost will be $18.75.

The Dave Withers Bass tournament raised $1,210.00 dollars for the Scholarship. Every one had a good time and had a nice BBQ.

Cliff from the Bass Hunters called Dale to invite the club to join them for their 2 day tournament on September 23rd and 24th at Brownlee, but we have a tournament on September 23rd at C.J. Strike. The clubs needs to get together and figure out what everyone wants to do.

Brad came to the meeting to show us new baits, reels, rods, a rain jacket, fishing glasses and some new colors in plastic baits. Everyone enjoyed visiting and seeing everything Brad had to bring. Thanks Again, Brad!

A thank you card will be sent to Western Marine for the $500.00 donation that was given for the Dave Withers event.

We still need club dues before the first tournament and FLW numbers by April 1st.

We have received some Sponsorship money for the trailer, if you are a sponsor that still owes on the trailer, please get with Dale for payment.

Our first tournament is March 18th and 19th at Brownlee, after the Saturday weigh-in, the Bass Hunters are hosting the BBQ, please bring a side dish.

Dale closed the meeting at 8:15.

See every one at Brownlee.