Magic Valley Bassmasters January 2006 Meeting

Dale brought the meeting to order at 7:00; the account balance is $1,044.92.

The new officers that were voted in for 2006 are:
-Pres. Dale Jarrell
-Vice Pres. Vern Rehn
-Sec./Tre. Jeanne Hill
-Tournament Directors: Pat Callen, Ted Weinand, Shawn Crowley, Ron Scott
-P.R. Scyler Hill

The National Federation dues increased $5.00, making the dues for the club $40.00 instead of $35.00. The members that already paid $35.00, we will need to collect $5.00 more dollars please. And for the members that have not paid yet for this year, please do so we can keep your name active in our roster.

We had a great turnout for our banquet. The raffle items, the food and conversations were great.

We had a lot of comments on the suggestion sheet and here are they are:

That was all for the suggestion sheet.

We talked about the OPEN, Dale is checking with Burley for the use of the golf course ramp or put a cap on the people for riverside. We will discuss it more at the Feb. meeting.

Talk to different banks to see if we can get sponsorships, Dale will go and talk and let us know at our next meeting.

Fish and Game has Xmas trees that need planted at Milner, Cliff Lockhart said they need help to load and unload trees. F & G will use their boats. It will either end of Feb. or first part of March.

Dale is wanting to change the Aug. 6th tournament on Massacre Rocks to Aug. 13th. Dale will check with Sharon Clark to see if we can change the permit.

Filer fun days are June 23, 24, and 25 and we will try to put on a Casting Kids event on 2 of those days.

The Brownlee tournament will not have any off limits due to Mini Cassia's permit.

We also need to get everyone to turn in proof of insurance with a $100,000.00 in liability before our first tournament.

Congratulations go out to Lou & Vickie Probasco, they are new Grandparents.

We voted in a new member into the club, Tim Alley, welcome to the club.

Dale closed the meeting at 8:30.