Magic Valley Bassmasters February 2006 Meeting

Dale brought the meeting to order at 7:10 with the account balance of $2,976.62.

We discussed the situation with BASS and the Federation, after which we voted to go with the TBF/FLW option after this year. We made this decision to make sure that Brandon Craner will be able to fish the divisional for a chance to go to the Federation Nationals and a possible Classic spot. A few days after the meeting Scyler found out that we will probably need to change to TBF/FLW right away to make it affective for our club. If all our members could at least get on the FLW's web site and check it out we can subscribe to FLW's Magazine right now and get a 25% discount off the membership, instead of costing $25.00 it will cost about $19.00. Log onto and use the promotional code FEDERATION to receive the discount.

The annual Dave Withers Big Bass Derby will be held February 25, 2006. A brief meeting will be held at 8:00 am and organized ooze off. After the day of fishing there will be a BBQ, please bring a side dish.

No date has been set for the Fish & Game tree project.

The open will be held at the Burley Golf Course this year. We have the Elks patio reserved for the Friday night meeting and for the awards, BBQ and raffle after the tournament. The club voted on raising the entry fee $20.00 per team to cover the price of the meal. Dale is trying to get a $500.00 Sponsorship from D.L. Evans to help out with some of the expenses.

The Massacre Rock tournament has been changed to August 20th instead of August 6th.

The dues have been increased $5.00 per person, the total will be $40.00, we would like to have them paid by the March tournament.

Dale handed out the Sponsorship billings, if you are on the trailer we would like to have the sponsorship/advertisement paid by the March tournament, so we can see if anyone has dropped out.

The raffle this year will be a gift certificate for anywhere in the Magic Valley area. If the 2 winners choose any sponsor that is on the trailer, they will receive $500.00, if they choose another store, they will get $400.00.

We will still have points on the CAST event, the points will go toward the team of the year not the angler of the year.

Our first tournament will be March 18th & 19th at Brownlee. After the Saturday weigh-in the Bass Hunters will be hosting the BBQ, please bring a side dish.

We have a new member, Jeff Duncan. Welcome to our club.

Dale closed the meeting at 8:15, see everyone next month, same time & place.