Magic Valley Bassmasters August 2006 Meeting

Vern brought the meeting to order at 7:00 at Idaho Joe's. The account balance is $4,805.00.

The Idaho Bass Federation Jr Champions Traveled to Birmingham AL. to fish for the Jr Championship. Mike Walsh Jr. caught 1 fish and Anthony Avalos was unable to catch any but, the 2 boys did a great job representing Idaho and received allot of items from the TBF/FLW and all the sponsors. The National Guard gave out over $40,000 in scholarships and grants for the winners. They stepped to the plate in short notice and hit a grand slam showing these kids a great time.

The Scales of Justice is September 10th at C.J. Strike with a BBQ afterwards, we are short some boats so please help if you can at all possible, maybe we can use this as a pre fish for our C.J. tournament. The entry form can be printed off of the Federation web Page at if you need more information contact Scyler.

The Black Canyon CAST event will be held August 19th if anyone would like to help out again please get a hold of Scyler.

The club voted a new member in; Victor Azevedo. Welcome to the club and have fun.

The next tournament will be at Massacre Rocks August 20th. There is a charge of $4.00 to use the recreational area and boat ramp because it is a state park. Down river several miles there is a buoy line it is just about where the freeway starts out of the canyon, this is where the off limits are for the the wildlife reserve just like on Walcott.

The club voted and passed to buy the new TBF/FLW Idaho patches to be give one to every paid club member. If anyone would like to buy an extra one they are $3.00 each.

Pat and Vern will be checking into places to have the x-mas party this year, they will report back at the next meeting.

The CAST event went very well! We had 25 kids out of the 45 signed up (weather was too hot for some of the kids) and 22 boats. Wayne Tousley of the Twin Falls Sheriff department brought a jet boat and Steve Byers and Bob Wright brought pontoon boats. It is great to have people that will help without having to belong to a Bass Club. The club voted and passed to give Steve and Bob a $50.00 gift certificate from Brad's as a Thank You.

Congratulations to Kevin Lincoln and his wife for the birth of baby girl Lana. The club voted on and passed to get them a baby gift.

Cindy passed out a thank you card for the flowers that the club sent her while she was in the hospital for a 11 days, she is doing better with all the TLC Ted is giving her.

The meetings will remain at Idaho Joe's.

Vern closed the meeting at 7:35 and thank you Vern for filling in for the "gone fishing in Alaska" Dale.